Modern Ways To Prevent Pipe Freeze

There are now a number of modern equipments that can be used to help prevent plumbing pipe freezing. Good thing these innovative gadgets were invented, at least homeowners will not have to worry about costly damages caused by ruptured frozen pipes. Ice Loc is one amazing and interesting new product that is getting a lot of great reviews recently (although a little pricey). It is a kind of specialized foam tube that compresses when ice starts to expand. When placed inside the problem pipes, this can help prevent pipe rupturing. This is possible by creating sufficient space within the frozen pipe as the tube compresses thus minimizing the chance of bursting. Another great innovation that can give you an early warning about the possibility of pipe freezing is a product called IP thermostat. This wonderful pipe freezing detection device enables homeowner to control the heat settings of their home via the internet. The device will generate email alarm notifications and critical alerts if the temperature starts dropping near freezing point. Doing so will allow homeowners to promptly avert major damages that can be caused by ruptured frozen plumbing pipes.

New eco-friendly innovative technology offered by the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve is easy to install (not requiring pipe cutting or electrical wiring) and a great pipe freezing prevention aid.  Installed at the plumbing fixture at the end of the “at risk plumbing run” (pipes most likely to freeze), will allow water to flow from your water heater-through the existing hot water pipe in the “at risk plumbing run”-to the recirculation valve. From the hot water recirculation valve the water will continue back to the water heater (for reheating)-through the cold water pipe in the “at risk plumbing run”. To save hot water the system contains a sensor, which opens the valve only when the water temperature drops below the adjustable temperature setting. This open loop of water circulation keeps temped water circulating through the “at risk plumbing run” providing water conservation and faster hot water to all your fixtures, which saves water and saves energy.

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