DIY (Do It Yourself) Hot Water Recirculation

Hot water recirculation creates instant hot water throughout your home. Installing a hot water return loop is fairly simple. Do you have one in your home? Are your builder and plumber the best for the job? Depending upon their awareness of new innovations, these people may not have had a chance to gain the needed knowledge to be the recourses for hot water recirculation in your home.

In most normal homes it can take 30-seconds or more to get hot water to a faucet or shower. If your builder works with a superb and experienced plumber, you can enjoy instant hot water with very little effort.

To enjoy instant hot water at all of your faucets, all that has to be done is to install a hot water recirculation loop within your new home. Commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. all have these things and they are hidden in the walls and ceilings of these large buildings you have visited and possibly work in. You have probably never given a second thought to the fact hot water seems to always be at faucets in these buildings.

How hard is it to install a hot water recirculation loop? It is not hard at all. In fact, over half of the work is already done as the plumber installs water supply lines to each fixture group in your new home. All a plumber has to do is install a dedicated return line from all of the fixtures in the house back to the water heater. This dedicated return line caries the cooled hot water back to the hot water heater for reheating, saving water and providing instant hot water at your faucets and showers.

Interview your builder and ask him if he knows how to install a thermal convection powered hot water recirculating loop. See if he understands the physics of how it works.

A simpler method, which you can easily do yourself, even after your home has been built, is to purchase and install a temperature controlled thermal convection powered hot water recirculation valve. Most do-it-yourselfer’s can install these valves in less than 20-minutes. They install under the sink furthest form your water heater and 1-valve often provides instant hot water to your whole house. This new innovative technology eliminates the need to have a plumber install a dedicated cool water return line back to your water heater. Instead, when your hot water cools below the adjustable temperature (set on the valve), the valve temporarily converts your existing cold water line into a return line back to your water heater the water (to reheat the cooled hot water), saving water and providing instant hot water at your faucets and showers.

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