America’s Water Use Statistics Validates Your Environmental Product Business

Water is one of Americas most valuable and precious resources – for our health, our environment and our economy. For America, water is not a luxury that can be taken for granted. Future predictions indicate our rainfall patterns and climate will be more variable and even with diversifying our water sources, we must continue to value water and use it wisely. We need to value every drop, everywhere, every single time.

Saving water doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming – check the following facts and tips that’ll can help save water.

Nearly 20% of water consumed in the home is used in the bathroom, with 11% of that water flushed down the toilet. Leaving taps running while you brush your teeth or shave, and taking long showers and deep baths can waste hundreds of gallons of water per person a day. An eco-friendly temperature controlled hot water recirculation valve, which provides instant hot water (so water is not wasted down the drain waiting for water to run hot at your faucet or shower). The eco-friendly temperature controlled Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve can save hot water by providing faster hot water. The average household wastes up to 17,000 gallons of fresh water a year running water down the drain while waiting for hot water.

More than 11% of total household water consumption is used for cooking, cleaning, washing or drinking. The good news is conserving water in the kitchen generally requires only moderate changes in your water use habits.

Around 16% of total household water consumption is used in the laundry. The laundry is not only records high water use but is also responsible for a high consumption of total household energy and detergents.

Americans pride themselves on their gardens, landscaping and lawns. However water is easily wasted in the outside the home. Making smart choices when it comes to your water practices in the yard can cut your total household water consumption drastically.

Because you do not pay the water bill at work, water consumption in the workplace can be pretty high as it can be taken for granted. Employees and employers need to be conscious of the actions they can take at work to conserve our most precious resource.

Your water saving and energy saving products help your customers do their part to preserve our precious fresh water.

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