How to Get “Instant” Hot Water with a Standard Water Heater

Typically, when you turn the hot water faucet on you wait and wait. And then after a couple of minutes hot water finally emerges from your faucet. Meanwhile all that precious water is wasted running down the drain. This process is repeated for countless showers, baths, dishes, laundry and other daily tasks all across the country every day. The average household wastes around 40-50 gallons a day or about 16,000 gallons of water a year! This wasted water also results in increased sewerage bills (which are based on water consumption).

If only you had a “point of use” water heater at every faucet that would provide you with almost instant hot water whenever you wanted. But that’s not practical.

Well there’s a way to get one of the main benefits of a “point of use” water heater, almost instant hot water out of your faucets for less than $200.00. How? By using a temperature controlled hot water recirculating valve. This innovative little device allows faster hot water to be delivered to your faucet without having to wait for the water to run hot, while saving water and energy.

Reasons to install a Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve:

  • Saves thousands of gallons of water by not running it down the drain!
  • Get your hot water faster from your current water heater!
  • Save time, energy and money while living a more green lifestyle.
  • Only $179.99! (Plus Shipping & Handling)
  • 10-Year WARRANTY
  • Brass Valve with Stainless Steel Stem.
  • Easy installation! (no pipe cutting, soldering or electrical connections required).
  • Shipped completely assembled with flexible water lines.
  • Works with or without a dedicated hot water return line.
  • When you turn on your faucet you’ve got instant hot water! 
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