How Much Water Can One Person Save?

Following is a consumer’s typical water usage (in gallons per event):   

   15 Gallons: Shower, regular shower head – 5 min.

   24 Gallons: Bath, full tub

     3 Gallons: Toilet Flush, regular tank, Per Flush

   15 Gallons: Shaving, open tap – 5 min.

     6 Gallons: Brush Teeth, open tap – 2 min.

     6 Gallons: Washing hands, open tap – 2 min.

   12 Gallons: Dishwasher, standard cycle

   45 Gallons: Manual dishwashing, open tap – 15 min.

     5 Gallons: Dishwashing, full basin

   60 Gallons: Washing the car, open hose –  20 min.

   45 Gallons: Laundry, average load

     3 Gallons: Waiting for water to run hot  –  1 min.

This totals  an average of 187 Gallons per day or 68, 255 Gallons per year (remember the average consumer performs many of these tasks more than once a day and others only occasionally).

Following is typical water savings that a typical consumer can easily achieve (in gallons per event):

     8 Gallons: Shower, low flow shower head – 5 min.

     6 Gallons: Bath, lower level on tub

     1 Gallon :  Toilet Flush, low volume tank

   10 Gallons: Shaving, full basin 

     4 Gallons: Brush Teeth, fill cup

     3 Gallons: Washing hands, shut off water while scrubbing

     4 Gallons: Dishwasher, short cycle

   30 Gallons: Manual dishwashing, fill up basins to wash and rinse

   35 Gallons: Washing the car, bucket and hose with shutoff nozzle

     3 Gallons per each hot water use: For faster hot water, install a temperature controlled hot water recirculation valve, which provides instant hot water (so water is not wasted down the drain waiting for water to run hot at your faucet or shower).

This totals an average savings of 90 Gallons per or 32,850 Gallons per year. This means with a little effort almost half of the water used by the typical consumer can be easily saved. 

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