Hot Water Recirculation For Faster Hot Water

Hot water recirculation for domestic water systems have created a lot of buzz these days, spurred primarily by consumer demand for hot water instantly at the tap. Houses are getting bigger, featuring master baths with giant tubs located farther from the hot water source and it’s wasteful to let all that water go down the drain, even if it is the drain of a shower with six heads.

G.A.M.A. statistics show that the average home can waste over 17,000 Gallons of fresh water each year waiting for hot water to arrive at their faucets and showers.

Comfort and convenience are the goals when homeowners spend $900-$1600 for tank-less water heaters. However, they still end up wasting water while waiting 2-3 minutes for the water to run hot.

Simply install innovative eco-friendly and patented technology known as a “temperature controlled hot water recirculating valve” (is a breeze-no pipe cutting, soldering or electrical connections). It uses your existing water pipes and the thermal convection generated by your water heater to circulate the water back to your water heater for reheating (not requiring a pump or any electricity). To save hot water and save energy, these hot water recirculating systems are temperature-controlled and are easily adjustable to meet your particular temperature needs. There is no water waste and it also reduces the energy required to heat your water while it provides faster hot water to your faucets and showers for better water conservation.

Reasons to install a Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve:

  • Saves thousands of gallons of water by not running it down the drain!
  • Get your hot water faster from your current water heater!
  • Save time, energy and money while living a more “green” lifestyle.
  • Eco-friendly!
  • Aids in preventing pipe freeze.
  • Only $179.99! (Plus Shipping & Handling)
  • 10-Year WARRANTY
  • Brass Valve with Stainless Steel Stem.
  • Easy installation! (no pipe cutting, soldering or electrical connections required).
  • Shipped completely assembled with flexible water lines.
  • Works with or without a dedicated hot water return line.
  • When you turn on your faucet you’ve got instant hot water!
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