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"Always in hot water!"
SAVE WATER! At ONLY $179.95, the eco friendly Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve provides
faster hot water which
saves water, saves energy and saves time.  How long does it take for hot water
to get to your faucet or shower?  A lot of precious water is wasted down the drain while waiting for hot
water.  Even worse is the cost to heat the cold replacement water, which enters your house at the cold
ground temperature.

HOW IT WORKS! When the water in your hot water pipe and the Hot Water Lobster control valve cools
below the user adjustable temperature (77-140 F. degrees), the thermal materials within the
Water Lobster
control valve contract and silently open the valve.  Thermal convection within your hot
water tank (differential of pressure between the top of the tank and the bottom of the tank) naturally
circulates the cooled water through your existing cold water pipes and back to    the hot water tank for
reheating.  Your existing hot water tank now uses less energy reheating the warm water instead of
cold ground temperature water.  When fresh hot water enters your hot water pipe and reaches the
Water Lobster
control valve, the valve automatically closes.  This maintains hot water at the control
valve without wasting water or wasting energy.  Turn on your faucet or shower; and you get instant hot
water instead of wasting it down the drain!  Installing the
Hot Water Lobster instant hot water control
valve at the fixture furthest from your hot water tank (as shown in the installation diagram) will provide
faster hot water to all of the fixtures in your house.

NO ELECTRICITY NECESSARY! The Hot Water Lobster is all mechanical and designed to provide an
electricity free solution to maintain hot water at the tap.  This makes installation a snap (less than 10
minutes).  Other hot water solutions require the use of electricity and pumps that make installation
difficult and the pumps are often noisy and wear out in 2-4 years.

MORE HOT WATER! Adds as much as 10% more capacity to your current hot water system (by
keeping the water in your hot water pipes hot!).

KEEP PIPES FROM FREEZING!     The Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve automatically allows
water in your pipes to circulate when the control valve cools below the set temperature (even when
your electricity goes out).

REDUCES CONDENSATION! The Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve reduces condensation on
pipes and toilets basins.

MAINTENANCE FREE! The Hot Water Lobster has a solid brass valve body with an adjustable thermal
controlled stainless steel valve stem enclosed in a mounting box.

EASY INSTALLATION! The Hot Water Lobster comes complete with the mounting box, 4 sets  of 12"
flexible water lines and standard brass fitting.  All pre-assembled and tested for an easy 10-minute

STATISTICS! *A typical family wastes approximately 12,000-17,000 gallons of water annually waiting
for warm water to reach the tap.                 
*as determined by GAMA (Gas Appliance Manufactures Association)

Note: Circulation of water by thermal convection must not be restricted (no check-valves) between the
water heater tank  and the Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve.
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      What To Know About Hot Water Recirculation Systems
A hot water recirculation system is a simple addition to your plumbing system that
moves hot water to fixtures and circulates the cooled water back to your water heater
for reheating. This method of hot water recirculation provides instant hot water for the
consumer (not requiring the consumer to waste water down the drain waiting for the
water to “run hot”.

System Types

dedicated loop:  A connection to the hot water supply pipe (at each fixture or near the
end of the plumbing run), connects a separate or “dedicated” pipe specifically used to
carry the cooled water back to the water heater for reheating. A dedicated loop is
normally only installed during the initial new construction of a building (because once
walls and floors are closed off, adding an additional plumbing line is very difficult).

integrated loop:  This system is typically used on existing buildings and provides a
similar function to the “dedicated loop” with the exception that instead of adding an
additional plumbing line, it uses existing cold water lines to return the cooled water back
to the water heater for reheating.


Until recently, hot water recirculation systems were commonly activated by either a
timer or push button. Systems that use a timer or push button turn run a pump when
activated. These systems require electricity to operate and therefore make installation
more difficult.

Perhaps the best hot water recirculating system is one that is thermal convection
powered, has a temperature controlled by-pass valve at the farthest fixture and
requires no water pump or electricity to operate (which makes DIY installation easy and
fast).  There is no water waste with this type of system, and it also minimizes energy
waste since it only reticulates when the hot water at your faucet cools below your
desired temperature.

Do hot water recirculation systems really save energy and water?

Regardless of whether they are controlled manually or automatically, recirculation
systems reduce the amount of water that goes down the drain while the homeowner
waits for the desired temperature. This fact allows for the following three advantages
over conventional water distribution systems:
They save time. Recirculating systems deliver hot water to faucets quickly, adding
convenience for the homeowner.

Hot water recirculation systems conserve water. According to statistics from the U.S.
Department of Energy and the U.S. Census Bureau, between 400 billion and 1.3 trillion
gallons of water (or close to 2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools) are wasted
nationally by households per year while waiting for water to heat up.

They limit municipal energy waste. The DOE estimates that 800 to 1,600 kilowatt-hours
per year are used to treat and pump the water to households that will eventually be
wasted while the occupant waits for tap water to warm to the desired temperature.


Some jurisdictions, particularly in areas where water is scarce, offer rebates on the
purchase and installation of hot water recirculation systems. The cities of Santa Fe and
Albuquerque, New Mexico, for instance, offer a $100 rebate for homeowners who
purchase a hot water recirculation system. The city of Scottsdale, Arizona, offers up to
$200 for residential property owners who install theses systems.

Availability and Energy Savings

Hot water recirculation systems are available nationwide from manufacturers,
distributors, plumbing wholesale supply warehouses, and at selected retail home
stores. The initial cost of dedicated systems may prevent some homeowners from
installing these systems, as they require a professional plumber and the purchase and
installation a large amount of piping. Integrated systems, by contrast, are often a D.I.Y.
solution. Energy savings will vary, depending on the design of the plumbing system,
method of control and operation, and homeowner use.

Install a temperature controlled hot water recirculation valve, which provides instant hot
water (so water is not wasted down the drain waiting for water to run hot at your faucet
or shower). The Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve is a simple eco-friendly DIY
installation (no water pump required) can save an average household up to 17,000
gallons per year. It also saves energy costs and can prevent pipe freezing.

         How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing

If you've ever had the misfortune of having a water pipe freeze and burst, you know
first hand about what a devastating impact it can have on your home. The broken pipe
itself is actually relatively minor, but the damage caused by the leaking water running
through your walls and ceiling can mean a major reconstruction project, requiring
replacing drywall, ceilings and maybe even furniture and appliances. Here are some
ways to make sure you never have to go through that hassle.

1. Plan ahead and figure out which pipes could potentially freeze. Water pipes running
through unheated crawl spaces and pipes running through walls to the outside are
prime candidates for freezing.

2. Turn off the water supply lines running to your outside taps before the cold weather
arrives. There is usually a shut off valve in the water supply line close to where it goes
through the outside wall. Once the water is shut off inside, go outside and open the
outside taps as well. This will drain any water remaining in the pipe or in the tap, so
there's nothing to freeze.

3. Check any pipes that run close to outside walls. Put some insulation between the
pipe and the wall to help keep the cold away from the pipe.

4. Insulate any pipes that run through unheated crawl spaces. Wrap them with
insulation and tape or put preformed pipe sleeve insulation along the pipes, then tape
the sleeves in place.

5. Install electrical heating tape (available at home stores) on any pipes that run
through areas that get really cold, like garages.

6. OR, simply an innovative and patented technology known as a “temperature
controlled hot water recirculating valve” (it’s a breeze to install-no pipe cutting,
soldering or electrical connections). It uses your existing water pipes and the thermal
convection generated by your water heater to keep water circulating back to your water
heater for reheating (not requiring a pump or any electricity). Warm circulating water
will not freeze. These systems are temperature-controlled and are easily adjustable to
meet your particular temperature needs. There is no water waste and it also reduces
the energy required to heat your water while it provides instant hot water to your
faucets and showers.

Reasons to install a Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water Valve:

  •   Saves thousands of gallons of water by not running it down the drain!
  •   Get your hot water faster from your current water heater!
  •   Save time, energy and money while living a more “green” lifestyle.
  •   Eco-friendly!
  •   Aids in preventing pipe freeze.
  •   Only $179.99! (Plus Shipping & Handling)
  •   10-Year WARRANTY
  •   Brass Valve with Stainless Steel Stem.
  •   Easy installation! (no pipe cutting, soldering or electrical connections required).
  •   Shipped completely assembled with flexible water lines.
  •   Works with or without a dedicated hot water return line.
  •   When you turn on your faucet you've got instant hot water!

Eliminating that wasted water saves you thousands of gallons of water every year. A
typical family of 4 can save over 17,000 gallons of water per year! By not running that
water down the drain you are reducing the amount of sewage that needs to be treated
as well!